Thank you 100+ followers and 12 days

My 12 days have been completed in wordpress and it was such an amazing experience with so friendly and wise bloggers. My biggest thanks to the people who followed my blog and took out their precious time to read my posts.I also want to thank people who liked my posts. It feels so overwhelming here with so much positive vibes from people like you.. and your comments give me a direction, on how to lead my blog and this blog is dedicated to all of it is made to help people… Without you i could never feel so positive ,your helpful and wise comments gave me strength to think beyond something which wasn’t visible…

                                         Your friend

                                         SakshiSL 💗


TIME- A Surprise

Hey! What’s the time?

And suddenly the man was hit by a car standing in between the road. Time was 1:45 pm. She was about to tell him the time but now there was only blood left with a dead body in front of her.Shock and tears rolled upon her face, but now it was too late to say something. Yes, she was his fiance. Everyday they used to fight rudely on silly matters and never lived the moment in their present. They were always busy in playing blame games. They were crossing the road one day having an argument on shopping list. 

He asked her what’s the time and soon something tragic happened. He wasn’t there. What was left….  Was his dead body.. 

A movie of their happy – sad moments together came to her mind like a flood. All she could remember were the fights and arguments …and something more….. the unsaid loving words to be said in between those fights which were pressed by her ego.The hugs, the loving words, a sorry, beautiful happy moments…everything just faded 

So much was left to be said.. the unsaid..the unheard… She prayed to God to bring him back or bring the time back so that she could mend everything..  The moment they fought.. she would hug him throwing the ego of  anger, blame, perfection..

Her whole life was now filled with guilt ,regret and sadness that she never lived in the present moment and always lived in a ego that she was always right. But what was more than that… is.. Its not about right or wrong ..its all about together, handling the fights and understanding each other.  . It was now too late to be understood by her.. 


Time is soo merciless..  It gave her a beautiful sad surprise. 

Beautiful,,, because it was a beautiful lesson that, always live in the present moment with full happiness ,love and no ego. 


Some days are beautiful and some are ugly you never want to see.  There is a time when we dont realise our mistakes what we have done to others at an emotional and mental level. We think that what we are doing ,is right ,but forgetting the fact that how much we are hurting someone’s emotions. But then a time comes when every hurt or pain you caused to others, comes back to you like a boomerang and you realise your mistake, try to mend it but it gets too late to mend those mistakes and you are left all alone with misery and the same pain you caused to others. 

And that’s what life is…. Life is a cycle. WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET. 

How to make your face flawless

Everyone in this world wants their face to be clear and healthy.  Due to pollution,  our skin is getting affected by acne, dryness,dullness,pigmentation and darkspots. This may also be due to our unhealthy diet and lifestyle. 

The dream of getting a beautiful flawless skin is a dream for everyone. Well this dream can be fulfilled with the help of our belly button.. Yes ,surprising it is but actually our belly button is connected to our face and can heal our every face problems with guaranteed results.    

 I am not telling you just through the facts and research but by experimenting on myself too and actually i got awesome results. 

I was suffering from cracked lips and acne and within two or three days i saw proved results .its just like that you apply moisturizer from outside which may dry after sometimes due to pollution but applying through navel will heal our skin internally and effectively with permanent cure.  


Massage neem oil circularly around belly button .

Perform it 2-3 times a day. 

It will cure acne problems for sure. 


Massage almond oil circularly around belly button. 

Perform it 2-3 times a day

It will make your face glow


Massage mustard oil circularly around belly button

Perform it 1-2 times a day

It will heal and soften your cracked and dry lips. 


Massage lemon oil circularly around belly button

Perform it 2 times a day

It will lighten the acne spots and pigmentation .


Massage  purified butter circularly around belly button

Perform it once a day

It will nourish  and soften your skin.  

And that’s all you are ready with your beautiful and flawless skin😘
Share your thoughts and experiences after using these fool proof tips.